UCSD Spanish Club

What is the Spanish Club?

The Spanish Club is a nonprofit student run organization that seeks to serve as a source and guide for students trying to learn the Spanish language. The goal is to give students the resources they need (such as opportunities to practice with native Spanish speakers) so that they can further their Spanish language skills.

The organization will also promote cultural awareness for the cultures of countries part of the global hispanic community such as the U.S, Spain, Mexico, and more. Club members will thus be able to improve their Spanish language skills as well as develop a better understanding of the countries that primarily use Spanish, and will therefore be more prepared professionally for graduate schools as well an increasingly interconnected global community of which Spanish plays a crucial role.

Who are we?

We are dedicated UCSD faculty and students with experience in Spanish who are committed to helping language learners of all levels reach their personal goals in the language.

Where do we meet?

We meet at Muir Woods Coffee Shop.

When do we meet?

We meet every Friday at 1-2pm.

This time is subject to change: don’t hesitate to email us for the exact info! More times and activities will be added as our Club expands.

How does one learn Spanish?

It depends on what your current level is, and what your background in the language is. If you didn’t have an extensive childhood/adolescent background in Spanish, learning the language at first may seem like an extremely daunting task! On the other hand, someone with more exposure may need to simply fine tune their abilities. We have members from a diverse variety of backgrounds, so individuals at all levels will find some benefit. Select a level for a general idea of a study schedule. Read more…

Questions about UCSD Spanish Club? Email us!

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