Resources for Learning Spanish

1. Audio books: gracias al dios for Youtube!

Thousands of audio books for free! Consider buying Youtube Red if this really suits your fancy (a few dollars a month is still much more expensive than buying entire audiobooks). Listen to everything from Harry Potter to War and Peace.

Personal favorites (just search for them on Youtube): La Arte de Geuerra (lot’s of cool sound effects make this super authentic), Harry Potter (find the ones with this older woman speaking, it is super relaxing and she makes them sound fun), La Comedia Divina (basically Dante’s Inferno, again lot’s of sound effects), anything by H.P Lovecraft (if you are feeling up to horror), and endless other choices.

2. Books

Books are probably the best method to learning in general, since you can visibly see the words and grammar in front of you. Preferably pick books that you have already read before since you won’t need to reference a dictionary too much.